So few days to go


How does one prepare to leave their life behind and start the biggest adventure of their life? Checklist time. 

  1. Find some music to get you motivated 
  2. Find a travel companion – someone to help get your heart alight, someone to inspire you, believe in you, protect you but also let you take the risks
  3. Just book that first journey. Whether it’s a train, plane, bus or car, just book it. There’s no turning back once it’s real, you have a destination. 

Okay I’m working on 1 and 3. I have 2 sorted. But number 4 – you’re driving me insane! If I’m going for a year, I need one hell of a reliable camera. A camera that can be used for vlogging as well as taking photos, something that is preferably water resistant and must have a good battery life. This task is hard. I’ve scoured the internet, found out what cameras all the vloggers and social media photographers use but then there’s the whole budget problem! So I’ve decided. Over the next few months, I am going to do everything in my power to earn as much money as I can, so that by May/June time, I will be able to buy a nice camera that will accompany me on my endeavours. So far my camera piggy-bank is on £0.00 

Wish me luck. 

The eleutheromaniac 


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