Maybe I have some days to go

(London Grammar – Truth is a beautiful thing)

I don’t have much but I’ll give it all. 

I’ll sell all my belongings, tie up all the loose ends, pack a bag and go. I’ll do it. I will do it. I’m going to do it. I am going to do it. 

I haven’t quite told myself yet, but my mind’s made up. It still seems a little like a fairy story – one I’m desperate not to finish reading – I’m going to go. I need to go. I will give up this comfortable, happy, market town life of café jobs and coffee and cake; waving to neighbours on your way to work, drinks with friends in the local pub where everyone knows everyone, never needing to drive the car because everything you need is right there within walking distance. I’ll give it all away for this trip. I’ll give it up for adventures and experiences. I need the buzz of being in a new city, of being on open roads, of being on rattly old trains at night. I want to share people’s lives. To be a part of something bigger than anything this market town can offer. 

Isn’t it strange how we get so bogged down? We only get this one existence, a maximum of 100 years (if you’re very lucky), a minimum of your life ending today and yet we spend this existence doing things just because they’re expected of us. We seem to have forgotten that we are free to do completely and utterly as we please. We can run away if we want to. We can get a change of scenery, explore an exciting place, meet people you would never have expected to meet. We are free. Let’s not forget that now. 

Share music, share cultures, countries, pictures… Share love, share life. 


The eleutheromaniac 


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