X days to go

I know, it’s been a fair while. I can safely say, I’ve been busy. Having now come back from my ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE trip to Thailand, I’m working in my local market town earning money before America in the summer and then university in September. And what have I learnt, I hear you cry. I have learnt so much that I’m not sure I can even write it all down and make it a comprehensible list. I’ve learnt how to stay calm, how to take what comes and make the best of it, how to appreciate life, how to stop counting down days and to start actually living them. I have a motto now, it may not be fancy and wise, but it works – fuck it. Live by that motto and you just might get the adventures that you dream of. It’s worked for me so far… 

I am content. And this world has a lot to offer me. And I have a lot to offer the world. That excites me. 

Until next time. 

I promise it won’t be another 7 months. 


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