19 days to go

Today I went for a walk. A 2 hour-long walk, through corn fields and down mud tracks and do you know what, by the end I had cleared my head and was at peace. I felt free and safe and content. I needed that. For a while I lay in a corn field, headphones in, listening to Lana Del Rey and taking pictures of my dog. Man, it was beautiful and tranquil.

Anyway, enough about today. In 15 days I’m off to Paris with my friends, a final escape before results day, a chance to explore a new city for the last time before our future’s are decided by the letters we get on a piece of paper. It’s funny really, how just a jumble of words can define us for the next ten, twenty years of our lives… So I’m not going to let it. I will live my life how I wish to, whether I get three A’s or three E’s. It’s so difficult to not conform to society’s rules, we all do it, subconsciously, every single day of our lives. Sometimes it’s a bad thing, sometimes it isn’t. An interesting topic to think about I feel, perhaps that’s why I’m doing psychology. 

I also made another payment today, a payment to ‘Smaller Earth’, a company who organise the hiring of camp counsellors in summer camps across America. Ladies and Gentlemen, you right now, are reading the blog post of a camp leader for 2017! This is an opportunity for me to do some travelling in the big US of A and work with children, teaching them skills that I have like swimming and gymnastics. It’s a chance to make some new friends and explore a place I’ve never been before. Roll on 2017! 

Do you know what? Things are really turning up trumps. 

Until tomorrow my friends… 


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