56 days to go

Today I went for a bike ride… And I stopped beside a huge field of rapeseed, it was vast and beautiful, it shone radiantly in the dwindling light of today. And it inspired me to write a story. So here it is:

In countrysides across the world there sits fields and fields of rapeseed. The rapeseed is vibrant and brilliant. It glows as the sun sets each day and illuminates every night so each evening is bright. Growing alongside the rapeseed, are some dandelions. These dandelions are average, they’re a sunny yellow, but nothing compared to the beauty of the radiant rapeseed. And oh how the dandelions wish to live among the rapeseed, and be part of their collective loveliness. So each spring time, the dandelions flower and swoon over the rapeseed fields and when they are no longer yellow, but have become the dandelion clocks, they release their seeds in the hope that maybe next time they will grow just that little bit closer to the rapeseed, and perhaps eventually they may become part of the shimmering sea of yellow. 

Seasons pass and the dandelions edge ever closer and closer to the illuminated field, until finally, a dandelion watches as it’s seed lands just between the stalks of two of the outer rapeseed plants. And the dandelion is happy. It knows that next season, when they flower once more, this one will grow up among these beautiful giants, and feel part of something bigger. But as the next season comes, the dandelion did not grow; it was suffocated by the growing rape seed, it did not grow with them as they stole the sunlight and the water that it needed to survive….

By trying to become part of something beautiful and bigger, the dandelions had inadvertently stopped themselves from growing, they could no longer be part of the rapeseed field, but also could not even grow at all anymore. 

We cannot try to be part of something we are not, in the hope that it will make us feel better. However long it takes, we must embrace what we are and accept the beauty that we hold, whether we shine radiantly like the rapeseed does, or whether we glow humbly as the dandelions do. We are ourselves, and we cannot, and should not try to change that… 


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