67 days to go

It’s been a while. It’s spring now. It’s all changing and that’s okay. I go to my window in the morning – with the sun peeping through the cracks in the curtains before I rip them back and let the world in – and I see a world that wants me. I read a quote the other day…

“Forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair” 

This quote reminds me that even when we feel completely alone, even when we think that no one cares, that the Earth wants us. And do you know what? That’s enough for me. I want to be the kind of person that can wake up in the morning and just know that I’ll have a great day, just by being wherever I am. That no matter how bad a nights sleep I got, or how hungry I am, I will have a good day because I’m out there… I’m free and I’m the Earth’s and the Earth is mine. 

I’ve started reading a book called ‘Better than fiction’, it’s a collection of travel anecdotes and short diary entries from authors re-telling their adventures. There really is something quite magical about the way a writer can romanticise even the most naturally beautiful stories. 

With exams really looming now the pressure to revise is immense. I walk, I sing, I hum, I watch movies, I listen to music, I cook. I do everything except the one thing I have to do – revise. But I must, because even though I may not see it right now, my future is just around the corner, and it’s calling me. I shall knuckle down and revise even when I’m in the worst of moods because I must. Because the pain of today will lead to the pleasures of tomorrow. And we must all remember that. 


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