80 days to go

I’ve found new music! And it brings new excitement and adventures! The bands ‘The Weepies’ and ‘Beirut’ both create lovely mellow music perfect for creative inspiration. I particularly like the song ‘World spins madly on’ by The Weepies, it’s so calming and oozes springtime loveliness. 

April has arrived, the month of birthdays and flowers blooming and rain and sunshine. The sun may not always be shining, but inside, I feel like it is. I feel free and happy, ironically just after a break-up, although it’s taken some time. I’ve recently realised that it’s important to know when to let go, whether it’s letting go of a relationship, a feeling, a person, a way of thinking, you’ll always feel better. It’s only when you let go, that you realise how the world will fight for you if it’s worth hanging onto. 

With exams just around the corner the words on everyone’s lips is ‘holiday’. The planning of end of year trips has begun and I’m going to Paris. At the end of August, myself and a small group of friends are going to explore Paris, off the beaten track, delve into the suburbs, squeeze down tiny backstreets. If the tourists are walking one way, we’ll be walking in the opposite direction. I recently bought a guidebook/map of Paris, showing 60 places to go, recommended by locals, as opposed to the tourist spots. I’ve been to Paris before, but cannot wait to explore it with this different point of view, looking from the inside. 

This time of year is hard, there isn’t really an end in sight quite yet and it is hard to find motivation, but I often find motivation in the smallest of things. ‘I’ll do an hour of work then go swimming’ or ‘I’ll finish this past paper then call my friends’, these tiny micro-goals, as I like to call them, really help me whittle away the hours until I can escape. I’m literally counting down the days, the hours, and then the world is mine. I won’t waste a second. 


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