92 days to go

It’s been a beautiful day today and I started off feeling really great about everything. And then came the loneliness. Like a rugby player it tackled me to the ground and stole my good mood. I want to escape this place. It is too familiar, too explored, too known to me. I want to be dropped off at a train station with just one bag and all my money and just see where I’m taken. Perhaps I’ll change trains, go to France, take a ferry to the Netherlands, do whatever I want, belong to no one but the Earth itself. I want to be completely free. I want to be the kind of person that when someone asks who I am, I reply differently depending on where I am, who I’m with. I can be a sailor, a flower vendor, a free spirit, a chameleon. I want to disappear into the wind and just be taken to wherever I’m meant to be taken. 

I believe that everyone has a destiny, but that the path is theirs to discover. I believe that we are all meant to discover the world, and if we search for long enough, if our journey is hard enough, we will find our goal and be fulfilled. I believe that we all have that in us, the eleutheromania, that tiny itch in the back of our minds that we want more than what we have. Our greed is a sin, but it’s also ambition, determination, that feeling of wanting to achieve more. 

I will do it. One day, not too long from now I will do it, I will venture out into the world and not return until I have found what i’ve been looking for. Whatever that is. Our world is beautiful. Go explore it, don’t miss that opportunity. We cannot take this Earth for granted, we must experience more than what was played out for us.

One film I love as it just oozes adventure is ‘Tracks’, a film based on the true story of Robyn Davidson, an Australian lady who walked the 1,700 miles across the Australian outback accompanied with just her dog and 4 camels. It’s a beautiful film about searching not for material wealth, but for herself, she walks miles and miles on her own, in the blazing heat, to just feel alone. Now, that’s incredible. She’s an inspiration to us all. 

It’ll always get better, we all know that. It’ll always get better… 


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