109 days to go

A sunny Sunday was exactly what I needed. Walking the dog this morning I heard an orchestra of birds calling, it felt as if I was being allowed to listen; it was a gift that I shan’t take for granted. It’s warm here in my village, young families from the surrounding areas have flocked here to visit the duck pond and children’s squeals of excitement are heard regularly as they feed the ducks. Such a beautiful day needs recognition. It is simply imperative. Days like this where the sun glows in the sky and the wildlife just comes alive, truly are the reason I get up in the morning. I live for days of mindless adventures and walking and natural beauty. 

Although I have lots of work to do, I took the pleasure of going for a long walk earlier. My dog, Sapphire, thoroughly enjoyed it and is now collapsed on a rug gently dozing. Even though school is tough, and I have days where I just can’t bear the idea of another day of it, days like today make it worth while. I wouldn’t miss a beautiful day like this for anything. School just has to wait. I must enjoy these sunny days, school work will be there tomorrow, this will not. It’s easy to forget how to enjoy the little things in life, to get too caught up in everything to remember that actually, none of it really matters. I mean, yes, school matters in the way that it will help you get a job and you will be educated, but don’t forget to have a day off. Throw on some old jogging bottoms and a big coat and hat, lace up those walking boots and just go, not only will it be exercise, but you’ll feel so much better when you get back and possibly feel more productive. I know I do. 

The holidays may feel far away and it can be so difficult to find anything to motivate yourself to do work but you have a world outside your doorstep that is pleading to be explored. Just find the balance, do a couple of hours of work then go for an hour long walk, or cycle ride, or just go sit in your garden or lie in the middle of a field. The world may not be ours forever, but it most certainly is happy to be for a few hours, until it can be for longer.  


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