120 days to go

So the week is halfway through, and I awoke this morning to a flash of lightening and the pattering of hail on my window. These spring mornings really get me up and ready to start the day; the crunch of the grass under your feet, the frosty glaze over everyone’s cars and houses, as if they’ve all been sprinkled with a little touch of glitter.

The main reason I woke up so content this morning was because I booked the beginning of my gap year yesterday! The Thailand wildlife sanctuary volunteering is finally and completely booked… My year out is real and taking shape. Having now booked one thing, I just want to book a million other things too, a short weekend trip to Paris, inter-railing across Europe, flying to Mongolia. It’s so exciting that the year out is real now, I suppose I always had doubts that something would get in the way and I wouldn’t actually end up going, that my life would be a dead end and just plod along as it always has. But no, it’s happening, and I can just feel the adventures forming, the future friends calling me, beckoning me back so I can just spend my entire life travelling with them like we’re the characters of some naff travel novel you pick up at the airport just to get you through the 17 hour flight. 

My travelling essentials list is beginning with a 17 month planner.


Bought from Rifle Paper Co. I now have a beautiful black floral 17-month planner, that I can write all my adventures into. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a diary before, but this one is special, this one will plan my year, my year of freedom, my year of exploration. Over the following posts I will be collecting items I think are completely and utterly necessary for travelling, from walking boots to travel books, I’ll mention them all. I mean, I do still have 120 days to go. 


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