122 days to go

Monday again, and I’m feeling ready to leave. I love this town, with all my friends and memories of the past but I wish to go and make more memories, elsewhere. Today isn’t as glorious as yesterday and the weather just about reflects my mood – grey and cold. Having started my blog I have spent an increasing time on WordPress, looking at all the exciting blogs out there. I’m so jealous of where some people are right now, what they’re doing, who they’re with…

After a long day of work, I needed to do some exercise, so I went for a walk, just the fresh air and time to think really calmed me down and relaxed me. At the moment, with the thunderstorm of exams slowly rolling in towards me, I’ve been finding it more and more useful to escape once in a while. Just for an hour, maybe a cycle ride, or a walk, so I can enjoy nature.

At the moment the trees are still bare, but I can sense the weather is turning, spring is popping up, some flower buds have begun to appear, and the first lambs of the year have been born. Spring is so beautiful, so fresh and full of new opportunities… For me, it’s the time of inspiration and anticipation for what the new year will give us. I’m wishing for some travel, new experiences and meeting new people; just to get out of this monotonous routine would be fantastic. Well, in the meantime, I’ll put my head down and revise, while listening to some music and dreaming of my future endeavours…  

Yesterday I completed my application for a volunteering opportunity in Thailand at start of October, it’s a three week placement in a wildlife sanctuary, built in the ruins of an old temple. The pictures are absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to go there and experience it all for myself. For now, that’s what will keep me focussed. Find the one thing that will motivate you to plod on, and focus on that. Just know that it’ll all be worth it in the end, when you’re sat surrounded by new friends, in a brand new country that’s there, waiting to be explored. 


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