123 days to go

Today is a cold but sunny day, the ducks in the pond in my village are quacking to their hearts content and for the first time in a long time, I don’t feel restless. Today I am working, actually working, doing some french work and enjoying it, although the music is definitely helping. Lowercase Noises is a great band that make such beautiful pieces of music, without words so it is still easy to work while listening to them. My personal favourite song of theirs has to be ‘A little lair for a very small bear’.

I went for a beautiful, long dog walk yesterday… I didn’t listen to music, no one knew where I was, I didn’t use my phone, I was just there, in the countryside, alone, free. Over the last few weeks my eyes have been opened to how beautiful the countryside that surrounds me is, don’t just ignore it…

Put on you welly boots, wrap yourself up in a scarf and hat, go outside, just walk. Go down that path that you’ve walked past a million times but have never been down, just walk until you’re tired, then walk back. Don’t be practical, just be instinctive and see where it takes you… Yesterday I was instinctive and free and that has meant that today I feel satisfied; my hunger for travel and freedom is temporarily gone meaning I can get on with the things I have to do. If I continue like this, maybe I’ll do okay in my exams and then I can enjoy my year out with everything I have. I’m really starting to appreciate the beauty in the insignificant things, now just a walk can make my day, just a little ray of sunshine squeezing through the gap in the curtains, that’s all I need. For now.



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